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Stéphane Halleux – Moto Royale

Stéphane Halleux – Moto Royale

Stephane Halleux mixed media Stéphane Halleux, a Belgian artist born in 1972, is renowned for his unique steampunk-inspired sculptures. Halleux’s works often incorporate elements of humor and satire, characterized by intricate detail and imaginative design. One of his...

Dirk De Keyzer – De  grote prater

Dirk De Keyzer – De grote prater

Dirk De Keyzer Brons Dirk De Keyzer, a Belgian artist, is renowned for his bronze sculptures that blend realism with surrealism, often featuring whimsical and dynamic figures. De Keyzer’s work, including "De Grote Prater," showcases his exceptional ability to capture...

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